My shipping address is wrong on my order, can you change it?

If you have made an error on your order or need a product change, we are unable to make corrections or changes for you as our system is fully automated. When you hit the ‘Place Your Order’ button, your order is electronically processed and sent to one of our warehouse fulfillment centers. Most of the time our fast processing works to your advantage.

WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR TRACKING NUMBER PLEASE CALL THE SHIPPER AND THEY WILL ASSIST YOU IN MAKING THE CORRECTION - at this point, you are able to correct an address more easily than we are able to.

HOWEVER, WE WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in working with our shippers to help resolve address issues when possible, but we cannot be held responsible for delays, fees, or delivery issues once you have hit the SEND button.

If such an error causes an order to be rejected, lost, delivered to an unknown address, or even destroyed, we cannot issue a refund or replacement. If the error causes the order to be sent back to us, you may be responsible for round trip shipping fees, which can greatly impact any refund for the cost of the merchandise.

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