My Bars or Jellies melted during shipping. What do I do?

Summer Sun is hot. Chocolate melts.

Due to varying national temperatures and unpredictable shipping conditions, we cannot be responsible for melted products. All of our products are stored in temperature controlled storage facilities, but once your order is en route, the weather is out of our control.

We strongly recommend, that if unavailable to receive your package at time of delivery, shipping to your place of business or an alternate address that will allow the package to be taken inside immediately.

IF your order contains protein bars or Journey Jellies that have been exposed to heat for any length of time, unpack your box. Without disturbing the individual bars or jellies, carefully place the boxes in your refrigerator for approximately one hour.

Chocolate protein bars are known to “bloom” when melted and then re-harden with a white layer of cocoa butter.  There is no loss of nutrition.

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